Learning Flutter

About 3 months back, I had an interview for a company. I had recently finished my second project in React-Native and was looking to get some industry experience. I found app development to be my calling and was eager to get coding! I was surprised when for my prepared dynamic programming and runtime theory, I was asked about different frameworks. I knew something was different. This is when they introduced flutter to me and asked if there's any reason to not use it over React-Native.

In hindsight, they made an amazing play. If I was able to convince them React-Native was better, they would have saved themselves a lot of productivity but on the other hand for someone like me who only had experience with React-Native if it seemed Flutter- something I was completely unaware about was better, my chances of an internship would be bleak. Anyhow, with my laptop in front of me I had started digging. Maybe it is just because it is a new, advanced technology but everything from a lower overhead to a hot reload but were things React-Native developers were wishing for for years. Google had somehow managed to do it once again, create something which would revolutionize the future. Not only was it compatible with android, ios but they are also working to be able to have it work on the web. Just like that. For someone learning computer science, this seems the go-to option. I believe it had everything new learners like me want, a framework where you can literally build anything. However, this doesn't even begin to describe why Flutter is the next big thing.

Okay, now somehow I managed to clear the interview and got my first professional project. You'd think learning and creating an app using technology I didn't even know existed would be 'hard' to say the least. I know you're chuckling, thinking more like impossible. There's where I'd like to give a big shoutout to the Flutter team, the incredible resources from Google codelabs, to Youtube videos, coding in Flutter seemed like a game. I love playing games. Okay here is my quick rundown. Used Google codelabs to get comfortable with dart and set up my flutter environment. They reduced the whole thing to Widgets on the screen where literally watching a couple Widget of the Week youtube clips had me envision how my app would be built. Subsequently, to set up front and back end, made a tinder clone through Youtube and ta-da. Easy, fast and simple. Those are my 3 words for Flutter, Google you better copyright them! Following the MVC pattern on flutter is as easy as it can be. I am a novice programmer/college student but I would say that you don't need another middle layer like Flask for Flutter, it has got it all.

For anyone out there learning to make apps, websites and everything else if you're thinking about learning Flutter, you have my thumbs up. Start from the codelabs, watch 'Widget of the week' videos whenever you can and slowly transition to youtube tutorials for the advanced and specific stuff. You my friend, can now chase your dreams and ideas and create the next big thing!

Hey guys, this is my first article I aim to share my first few flutter apps and some guidance on creating your first own flutter app soon. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for sharing and congrats on your first article.

Looking forward to reading more :)